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How to get drivers and software of your aged printer

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Reliable and long-lasting printers, such as HP printers or Brother printers, work fine even if they are almost a decade old. This is the reason why numerous people still purchase used HP printers and you will surely get best HP Support. But the trouble with old printers is that it’s usually tough to find drivers for your old printer. So, how can you use an old printer on your PC, or how can you use one in an old operating system? Following are some cool tips and suggestions on how to find drivers and software for your aged printer.

– Look for the printer’s original installation disk. Installation disks contain the original printer drivers for your printer. All the important drivers and software are in that disk.

– Check the manufacturer’s website. HP printer drivers can be found and downloaded from the official HP website.

– Look through shareware and freeware websites for old printer drivers or drivers for old operating systems.

– Visit any online computer store. Check online stores that sell the same brand of printer as yours, like HP printers or Epson printers. They should have dissimilar versions of drivers for different operating systems.

– Ask your friends and relatives if they have old drivers or software for your printer. Check if any of your friends or relatives is using the same printer as you.

– If you are using a Mac machine, check the official Apple website. Mac users are fortunate; the official Apple website offers different versions of printer drivers and software.


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Tips to carry out a Repair Installation to fix Windows 7

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Are you having a hard time with your Windows 7? Seeking a repair installation to work out a Windows 7 problem? First of all, try out the System Restore or any other easier alternative to fix the installed Windows 7. A clean reinstall is not a good idea at all. Moreover, you would like to maintain your user accounts, data, programs and system drivers. The best way is to do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7.

Effective steps to do a Repair install for Windows 7

1. Start your Windows 7 and get into to the administrator account

2. Disable the antivirus, firewall or any similar security program installed on your computer. These programs may obstruct the smooth installation of repair upgrade of Windows 7.

3. Load the Windows 7 installation DVD into your computer’s DVD drive. Now click on the Run Setup.exe option available in the Autoplay window inside the currently installed Windows 7.

4. Further, click on the Install Now button to start the installation

5. Make sure to uncheck the “I want to help make Windows installation better” check box. After that, click on the Go online to get the latest updates within installation option.

6. An online search will be made to install all the installation updates available on hand.

7. Check the “I accept the license” check box and then click on Next.

8. Click on the Upgrade option, this will initiate the installation of Windows 7.

9. When your computer restarts finally, a blank screen will appear, then type in your Windows 7 product key number

10. Just uncheck the Automatically activate Windows when I’m online check box at the bottom and then click on the Next button.

11. Further, click on the Use recommended settings and select your Time Zone. Set the time and date settings and click on the Next button.

12. Click on the computer’s location option to select the accurate network location typesetting which should be applied for the location.

13. Now your desktop is prepared to startup. Refresh the Windows Experience Index (WEI) score.

14. Now your repair work is done. Start the Windows 7 and experience the difference.

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What is System 32 Error and How to Fix Your Windows System32 Error

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System32 Errors are among one of those problems which bothers some what each and every individual now or then during his experience with Microsoft Windows Operating System. There is various more than one reason because of which you might get into a computer system with System32 errors.

Now, the question is What is the root cause of the system32 errors, System32 errors starts when something gets wrong with your windows system32 folder and files which are there in your Default drive and which is by default Drive C: as a general practice where windows is installed. The DLL files there in System32 folder are some of the crucial files which act as a functional part in running your operating system. And a problem with System32 folder or its DLL files means that your operating system integrity is at stack.

Some of the troubleshoot measures that you can take to get out of Windows System32 Errors are

Try the Reboot Option “Using Last Known Good Configuration” which will be available to you while you press F8 during the booting sequence of your computer system, as a first priority as in some of the cases you might get lucky to fix it that way. To boot with a last known good configuration

Cross Check for the programs that gives you the system32 error as in some of the cases if you run an older version of a software program it might also pops up you with these error messages. To get ride of these try running programs in compatibility mode.

You can also try the disk clean up option available within System Tool which is there in your Accessories

And if you can dare it then there is a option that you can manually replace and edit the files in your system32 folder which reports the error

There is one more option to get the fix for your “System32 Corrupt or Missing” Error i.e through Console

But to get it down what you would require is your Windows XP Recovery disk. If you have the one insert your Windows XP Recovery disk and reboot your PC. Follow the Repair instruction to get through.

Yes, now what if you do not have one, there is nothing to get stressed about select the Recovery Console and key in the following into the console.

md tempf

copy C:windowssystem32configsystem C:windowstmpsystem.bak

delete C:windowssystem32configsystem

copy C:windowsrepairsystem C:windowssystem32configsystem

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Windows Phone 7 Details Leaked

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This might come as a surprise for the people who are excitedly waiting to know more details about the Windows Phone 7 device. The manufacturing details of the much awaited and to be released Microsoft’s Windows 7 mobile phone has been leaked on a website. The phone was showcased at Mobile World Congress this February.

The sources at the website claimed that they have gained access to a secret Microsoft file titled “Architecture Guide for Windows Phone OS 7.0.” The website also quoted some of the manufacturing details of the Windows 7 Mobile phone from the report.

According to the details shared from the report, the phone is expected to offer a multi-touch 800×480 displays and Bluetooth, WiFi and higher RAM. Microsoft is planning to take on BlackBerry and Apple handsets with the release and thus it is expected to match the devices in performance.

Like Apple and Google, Microsoft would join its Windows Phone 7 to Windows Live ID. Windows live would synchronize data with Microsoft servers and would act as a genuine key.

The technical working of the Windows Phone 7 has been shown in the document and it also shows that 2 different types of file systems would be used. The system files would be stored in the IMGFS file system, whereas the files that would get stored on the memory cards and the flash storage would be saved with a file format of TexFAT file system. It has also been shown in the document that the phone would become a paper weight if some of the important files in the memory card are deleted.Microsoft is focusing on to encourage its users to use Windows Live for Windows Phone 7. The company is also aimed to focus on social networking connectivity to appeal to more tech savy user base.

It was also seen that the updates would be distributed by Microsoft update system and people would be able to download the updates with the help of Zune software on the PC.

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How to extend Windows 7 Free trial to 120 days

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Microsoft has given its user a delight with gifting them the Windows 7 30 day’s trial. If you have the one and your trial is about to expire, here is a trick to get your 30 days trial extended for 120 days.

To see how many days you have left, click Start >> Right-Click Computer >> Choose Properties. At the bottom of the dialog under Windows Activation, you can trace the number of days for which your windows trial version is avaialble.

If the no of days is about to expire, extend your trial period with following steps –

Step 1: Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator >> Enter your administrator password.

Step 2: Type the following command slmgr -rearm >> Press Enter

Note : Take care of the space and hyphen in command.

Step 3: Restart Your Computer.

Once your Windows 7 Operating System restarts check your trial perid as you have done it before, you will find the dialouge box indicating that your Windows 7’s activation grace period has been reset to a full 30 days.

You can run the -rearm trick a total of three times. If you perform a -rearm at the end of each 30-day period, you end up with 120 days of full, unfettered Windows 7 use without having to supply an activation key.

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Recover deleted files with Windows 7 shadow copies

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There are times when by intention or by mistake we delete some of the files and even empty them from the recycle bin, but after performing the action find that you have lost one of your file that is being needed to meet certain requirements. Ending up in such a situation is just not what can happen to me or you… people tend to get in that groove now or then. The article details on “how to recover your deleted files in Windows 7”.

The deleted files on a operating system always resides somewhere on the hard drive it is just that you should be aware of how to recover it.

Windows 7 has a feature that gives you a option to recover any of the deleted or a modified file to restore it to its previous version. Windows OS has a system called previous versions which makes a copy of your files into a folder that Windows saves as a back up or restore point. These copy of previous versions are also called shadow copies in tech terms.

How to setup shadow copies

Open System Control Panel >> Click System Protection (in the menu on the left) >> In the resulting dialog, check the drives you want to shadow;

Access this feature by right-clicking a file or folder and selecting “Restore previous versions.” It enables you to go back in time and access your files and folders as they were on previous dates. You can preview each file in a read-only version to determine which file to restore. Then, to fully restore it, you can just drag the file to a folder, or select it and click “Restore” to restore it to its original location.

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How to fix your Windows 7 hang ups

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A computer hang is among one of the annoying situation one comes through in his computing experience. A lot of users have shown concern towards their Windows 7 operating system hangs. The article details the reasons behind why Windows 7 hangs and How to fix it to speed-up your Windows 7 computing experience .

It has been seen that the latest operating system hangs on the welcome screen right after login or while shutting down. Some of the time even user experienced their mouse and keyboards stopped responding to their action. If any of us finds himself in such a situation, then it is really quite frustrating especially if you are working towards some crucial stuff to meet your deadlines. The reason behind this frequent hangs might be many… below we are going to discuss some of them among all.

Viruses and Spyware: Malicious files are the common reasons of a slow computer and may be hiding in your system with your permission and being you aware of its presence. These spyware and malware viruses corrupt your files and hinder your computer’s performance causing Windows 7 to eventually hang.

To get rid of these (how to remove spyware from computer) keep your virus definitions updated with latest one available by the provider. Make sure to also download the latest security patches and updates. Always run a scan on your computer to detect these viruses and spyware then delete them.

Too many programs running at once: While working on your computer try to make sure that only the necessary programs are running and the unnecessary applications might consumes more virtual RAM (Random Access Memory) than your system can handle. Don’t open a lot of applications simultaneously. Limit the number of software and websites currently running to those that are importantly only. If you are a heavy multi-tasking professional, then backup yourself with good hardware specification; upgrade your RAM to at least double what you are using now.

Corrupt Windows Registry. The registry is the source of information and settings Windows 7 references during operation. The registry database eventually becomes stuffed and cluttered with uneven entries because of redundant and obsolete entries leaving it corrupted. It is advised then to clean your Windows registry to delete those unwanted entries.

Cleaning or getting along with the registry details in is a tough job as any misleading information can get your Windows 7 Operating System Corrupted or malfunction on any uneven manner. There are freeware software’s available that can do the task for you; CCleaner is one such software that works great. Diagnosing your system with a registry cleaner is the best solution to solve registry problems. It is specialized software that thoroughly scans your Windows registry, repairs any errors it sees, and deletes all those invalid entries. By having a clean registry, you will notice a great improvement in your computer speed and performance. It will also completely fix Windows 7 hangs.

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