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Virus Removal by Using Anti-Virus Program

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Install Anti-Virus Program in the system by using Licensed CDs or by internet. To install software from the Licensed CDs, install the program as per the instructions given by the company. To Install Program through internet, type “Download of AVG anti-virus or which you required” and install the program reading on-line instructions step-by-step.

Note :- It is recommended to install not more than one anti-virus software in the system since more than one software can slow your computer. On-line update your anti-virus everyday for its proper functioning.

Common Steps to Heal Virus using a particular anti-virus software

1.     Go to Scan Tab of the anti-virus software by selecting the desired drives to be scanned.

2.     After completion of scan, the anti-virus asks you to move the viruses to the vault or not. You must have to click on ‘Yes’.

3.     The virus will be healed in this way.

Note:- To increase the speed of the system, delete all temporary files time to time.


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December 21, 2011 at 10:44 am

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