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Remove a threat from your system when AntiVirus is not installed

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Internet, a superb platform for all kinds of information, also surfaces malicious viruses waiting to impede your online experience and cause turmoil with your PC. These viruses can either be extremely destructive programs or can simply be a mild nuisance, but nevertheless, they are always unwanted.

The most important advice for an individual who believes that he has a system with a malware on it is, “Don’t panic”. Besides, don’t assume that you have to wipe your computer clean and start from starch for all online virus removal. Generally, you can remove online virus without having to erase everything from your system. However, you may lose some data in the process, but probably will not lose everything.

Steps for Online Virus Removal:

First of all, you need to determine if your computer has a virus at all. If yes, then search the name of the threat on the

– If there is any virus removal tool available, download and run it to remove the threat. When the virus is removed, install some AntiVirus and restart your computer.

– If you are not provided with any removal tool and if the write-up does not indicate that the threat will interfere with the installation of AntiVirus, then install Antivirus. Afterwards, restart your computer.

– If there is no online virus removal tool available and the write-up indicates that the security risk can interfere with the installation process of the AntiVirus, then follow the manual instructions in the write-up to remove the threat. When this risk is removed, install the AntiVirus and restart the computer.

– Once an AntiVirus is installed, run a complete system scan.

In the end, it is always advised to repair or delete the threat as indicted by the online virus removal instructions in the Symantec Security Virus Encyclopedia threat write-up.


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December 21, 2011 at 10:41 am

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