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Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

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Microsoft unveiled Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) release candidate (RC) on 10th February, 2011 before its much-awaited final release. The IE9 RC builds upon the company’s strategy towards creating a different and beautiful next-generation web experience for its users, and is available for download from Beauty of the Web. Unveiled after months of rigorous testing as well as users’ feedback, the IE9 RC embeds a range of new features such as closing a tab without making it active, Tracking Protection Lists, hi5, and support for HTML5 features & Web standards among others. The launch is expected to make Microsoft stand in closer competition with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera etc. The browser has surprisingly been improved and some of its features are discussed below:

Tracking Protection Lists – Similar to ‘Do Not Disturb’ service, this feature allows users to control their information being shared on the web. So, it means you can identify and create a list of the sites including advertisements, cookies, trackers, and web beacons etc. and block them from viewing your information. So, no more spying, no more troubles, only peace of mind for you.

Hardware Acceleration – It is designed to enhance browser graphics and ultimately the graphics-viewing experience of the users. The IE9 RC integrates the capability of exploiting multiple processors and optimizing the computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit). The IE9 RC also features special Windows APIs and improved JavaScript engine for improved speed and performance.

User-friendly Interface – It is markedly different and appealing with shortened borders, conciliated tab edges, and integrated search and address boxes that provide easy and refined search options and more space for placing 2 things alongside. The browser shows some low priority messages that disappear automatically afterwards. The browser also integrates improved Download Manager and Pinned Site among other innovative features. Pinned Site feature is designed to give users handy and instant access to reviews, news, App Guide, Business Center, and How To segments. Download Manager embeds a pause and resume feature and allows users to view and keep a track of the download speeds.

Interoperability – It has been facilitated via embedding enhanced support for HTML5 features as well as Web standards. Such feature allows web developers to locate a user’s Geo-location and provide enhanced service experience. The inclusion of additional rounded-corner CSS3 standards, DOM level-3 core, DOM level-3 events, SVG 1.1 2nd version, and DOM level-2 style etc. makes it a great solution for web developers and others

Security & Privacy – The IE9 RC features ActiveX Filter that blocks all ActiveX controls and ensure enhanced web security to its users. Users can turn on and off ActiveX Filter as per their need. The IE9 RC also includes SmartScreen Filter that integrates with Download Manager and shows highly severe messages to users while downloading infected files or attachments.

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