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How to get drivers and software of your aged printer

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Reliable and long-lasting printers, such as HP printers or Brother printers, work fine even if they are almost a decade old. This is the reason why numerous people still purchase used HP printers and you will surely get best HP Support. But the trouble with old printers is that it’s usually tough to find drivers for your old printer. So, how can you use an old printer on your PC, or how can you use one in an old operating system? Following are some cool tips and suggestions on how to find drivers and software for your aged printer.

– Look for the printer’s original installation disk. Installation disks contain the original printer drivers for your printer. All the important drivers and software are in that disk.

– Check the manufacturer’s website. HP printer drivers can be found and downloaded from the official HP website.

– Look through shareware and freeware websites for old printer drivers or drivers for old operating systems.

– Visit any online computer store. Check online stores that sell the same brand of printer as yours, like HP printers or Epson printers. They should have dissimilar versions of drivers for different operating systems.

– Ask your friends and relatives if they have old drivers or software for your printer. Check if any of your friends or relatives is using the same printer as you.

– If you are using a Mac machine, check the official Apple website. Mac users are fortunate; the official Apple website offers different versions of printer drivers and software.


Written by fixwin7

July 28, 2010 at 11:43 pm

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