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What is System 32 Error and How to Fix Your Windows System32 Error

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System32 Errors are among one of those problems which bothers some what each and every individual now or then during his experience with Microsoft Windows Operating System. There is various more than one reason because of which you might get into a computer system with System32 errors.

Now, the question is What is the root cause of the system32 errors, System32 errors starts when something gets wrong with your windows system32 folder and files which are there in your Default drive and which is by default Drive C: as a general practice where windows is installed. The DLL files there in System32 folder are some of the crucial files which act as a functional part in running your operating system. And a problem with System32 folder or its DLL files means that your operating system integrity is at stack.

Some of the troubleshoot measures that you can take to get out of Windows System32 Errors are

Try the Reboot Option “Using Last Known Good Configuration” which will be available to you while you press F8 during the booting sequence of your computer system, as a first priority as in some of the cases you might get lucky to fix it that way. To boot with a last known good configuration

Cross Check for the programs that gives you the system32 error as in some of the cases if you run an older version of a software program it might also pops up you with these error messages. To get ride of these try running programs in compatibility mode.

You can also try the disk clean up option available within System Tool which is there in your Accessories

And if you can dare it then there is a option that you can manually replace and edit the files in your system32 folder which reports the error

There is one more option to get the fix for your “System32 Corrupt or Missing” Error i.e through Console

But to get it down what you would require is your Windows XP Recovery disk. If you have the one insert your Windows XP Recovery disk and reboot your PC. Follow the Repair instruction to get through.

Yes, now what if you do not have one, there is nothing to get stressed about select the Recovery Console and key in the following into the console.

md tempf

copy C:windowssystem32configsystem C:windowstmpsystem.bak

delete C:windowssystem32configsystem

copy C:windowsrepairsystem C:windowssystem32configsystem


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  1. Well, its really nice to know about system error its really amazing Windows 7 Tip. thanks


    June 26, 2010 at 11:02 am

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