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Windows Phone 7 Details Leaked

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This might come as a surprise for the people who are excitedly waiting to know more details about the Windows Phone 7 device. The manufacturing details of the much awaited and to be released Microsoft’s Windows 7 mobile phone has been leaked on a website. The phone was showcased at Mobile World Congress this February.

The sources at the website claimed that they have gained access to a secret Microsoft file titled “Architecture Guide for Windows Phone OS 7.0.” The website also quoted some of the manufacturing details of the Windows 7 Mobile phone from the report.

According to the details shared from the report, the phone is expected to offer a multi-touch 800×480 displays and Bluetooth, WiFi and higher RAM. Microsoft is planning to take on BlackBerry and Apple handsets with the release and thus it is expected to match the devices in performance.

Like Apple and Google, Microsoft would join its Windows Phone 7 to Windows Live ID. Windows live would synchronize data with Microsoft servers and would act as a genuine key.

The technical working of the Windows Phone 7 has been shown in the document and it also shows that 2 different types of file systems would be used. The system files would be stored in the IMGFS file system, whereas the files that would get stored on the memory cards and the flash storage would be saved with a file format of TexFAT file system. It has also been shown in the document that the phone would become a paper weight if some of the important files in the memory card are deleted.Microsoft is focusing on to encourage its users to use Windows Live for Windows Phone 7. The company is also aimed to focus on social networking connectivity to appeal to more tech savy user base.

It was also seen that the updates would be distributed by Microsoft update system and people would be able to download the updates with the help of Zune software on the PC.


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