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A Glance to Windows 7 Features

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As Microsoft is known for its fight back, the instinct can be seen with Windows 7 Operating System Release. Microsoft went through a lot of criticism as brick bats with Windows Vista, somewhere on a website even i found Vista addressed as one of technology mishap of the decade.

In a way we can quote it like Windows 7 is the answer to all that criticism its stand on how strongly it holds the operating system domain expertise.

While it is true that it does not appear to look much different than Vista, it quickly becomes clear that Microsoft paid close attention to the criticism and received feedback in regards to the previous OS and created Windows 7, which is both very capable and very stable.

Here are some of the features that i really found interesting and a step ahead that makes the OS to go ahead to its next level.

5. Eliminating the Notification Area
Though it will never be entirely removed, users who previously wished to be rid of the notification area at the bottom can now get much closer to this idea, including removing even the clock and volume icons. Simply by clicking the arrow which provides access to the overflow icons and clicking “customise,” it is possible to select each undesired icon and click “hide icon and notification” beside it.

4. XP Mode
Vista used to have an issue in running XP application, and Windows 7 is not much different. However, free by Microsoft, there is a Windows 7 compatible application called XP Mode that allows you to run old programs on upgraded Windows 7 operating system within an emulated XP environment.

3. Better Previews
Previously, by hovering the cursor over a minimised window would result in a previous window popping up on the screen. Now, a similar technology is used for this, except instead of a small preview, a full size “peek” occurs, in which the window temporarily pops up. It is also possible to press Win + T in order to scroll through previews.

2. Jumplists
This is a brand new feature which gives users the ability to view files which were recently access by an application, even if the application is currently closed. Simply by right clicking the icon in the taskbar, a user may view these files. It is also beneficial in accessing a favourite play list without opening the media player. This technology can also be found integrated within the Start Menu.

1. Scare Them Off
Perhaps the most amusing feature among the others is the ability to click the title bar of a window, most beneficial when there are twenty different windows open, and shake it all around the screen. Watch as the other windows scamper off and minimise themselves in order to hide from the crazy.


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